SOCIAL OFFICE is a set of 40 furniture element s that will help create INFORMAL workspace settings as per the user needs. SOCIAL OFFICE will enable office spaces that allows people to IMMERSE: to do Focused Individual work,INTERACT: Collaborate with teams and REJUVENATE.

CUE is our high performing collaborative furniture that can be configured in huddle rooms, breakout area seating in open office designs, video-Conferencing modules for focused discussions and immerse zones for undisturbed meetings. With a full collection of flexible and comfortable pieces that work seamlessly together, our unique workspace furniture takes the traditional office, virtual or face-to-face meeting to a new, innovative level. We have the modern office furniture designs for today’s agile office spaces! Also a soundproof Phone Booth can be integrated within!


INTERACTIVE is a set of 4 elements that will help create INFORMAL workspace settings more Active and healthy for user. This furniture can be arranged and rearranged in order to suit the comfort of its users. Interactive furniture inspires people to move about and stay mobile and active in the work environment. Active seating products allow purposeful movement to strengthen core muscles while increasing employee focus and engagement while working. If you are looking for an active and healthy workspace, loop, drift, cradle and toggle pouf offer a contemporary look while still helping to improve posture and concentrati on. The vibrant colours and different shapes makes these products an excellent choice for various break out and interactive spaces in office.