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Eureka Forbes Coronaguard CG1000

Brand : Eureka Forbes , Product : CG 10000 Coronaguard powered by Shycocan GCGDCRNGD40000


Inactivates Corona family of viruses…


Corona / Covid Family of Virus : Tested with Avian coronavirus at IIT Guwahati – Disinfection efficiency : 100%*

Phylogenetically similar surrogate : Tested with Equine arteritis virus which belongs to same order (Nidovirales) at LEI, Mexico – Disinfection efficiency : 99.9%*

More Resistant surrogate Virus as per USEPA : Tested with MS2 Phage at IAPMO, Aquadiagnostics – Disinfection efficiency : 99.99%*


* The Summary And Any Comments Herein Are Based On The Results From An Independent Laboratory Studies Performed Under Controlled Test Conditions.


Key Features

• Easy to install

• Plug and Play Device

• Real-time protection

• No chemicals, no odour and no stains

• Does not interfere with other electronic devices

• No side effects


Area it covers : 1000 Sq. Feet (10,000 Cubic feet)


Certification : CE mark with Class 1


How does Coronaguard attenuate coronaviruses?

Coronaguard is a containment device that attenuates the positively charged

S-protein of Corona family of viruses. A plug and play device, it delivers necessary

signals to photon mediated electron emitters (PMEE) to produce hypercharged

high-velocity electrons by photon mediation. These electrons interact with the

negative charge seeking S-protein of the Corona family of viruses, thus reducing

infectivity and preventing air and surface borne transmission.


Electron Cloud technology

Forbes Coronaguard's hypercharged cannon emits trillions of negatively charged

high-velocity electrons (10-100 trillion electrons per second) into the air indoors.

This forms an Electron Cloud that covers the entire space.


Does it Kill CoronaVirus?


FORBES CORONAGUARD POWERED BY SHYCOCAN attenuates the corona family of viruses. It simply disables it, from attaching and infecting the host cells.


How many hours should I keep it on? What is the electricity consumption?


The device is designed for continuous use, it is recommended to be ON for continuous protection. The power consumption is 30 W.


Does it use any chemicals?


The CORONAGUARD does not use any chemicals. It does not ionize the air nor does it produce any ozone.

What types of performance efficacy test this product has undergone?

This product has been tested for its virucidal performance efficacy in India & international laboratories. The test results prove that the virucidal efficiency is more than 99.9% on corona family of viruses using suitable surrogate viruses as per USEPA recommendations.

  • IIT Guwahati – 100% attenuation of Avian coronavirus

  • IAPMO, India – 99.99% attenuation of MS2 Phage

  • LEI, Mexico – 99.9% attenuation of Equine arteritis virus


Is the product safe?

Yes, the product is tested for human & animal safety, electrical safety & environmental safety.


What kind of places Coronaguard can be installed?


The device can be safely deployed in all environments inhabited by people, be it very large or small enclosed spaces. Coronaguard helps create 'safe zones' in homes, health care facilities, grocery and essential stores, restaurants & hotels, schools, colleges, places of worship, residential, corporate, industrial and sporting environments

How does one install the product, do we require a demo to install this product?

The product comes with a wall mounting bracket which is user friendly to install.

What are the variants available? Should I install one in each room?

The Coronaguard is currently available in one variant, which covers 1,000 Sq. Ft (10,000 Cubic ft). If the rooms are separated by partition / walls, you need to have separate units for each room.


How will I know if the Coronaguard is working?


The product has a Green indicator lamp in the front, this is an indication that the product is working to create safe zones in the application area.

Whether Coronaguard can be used as a sterilizer to disinfect the household items / articles?

No, the Coronaguard attenuates only the corona family of viruses in the closed rooms. It’s not air sterilizer to disinfect other microbial contaminations if any.


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Eureka Forbes Coronaguard CG1000

₹24,999.00 Regular Price
₹23,499.06Sale Price
  • Dimension

    L: 250 mm, OD: 262 mm

    Operating Voltage

    230V AC/50Hz

    Estimated P- Electron Production / Sec

    10 to 100 trillion

    Instrument cooling air flow

    64 CFM

    Power Rating

    30 W (Max)

    Applicable Area

    1000 ft2

    Applicable Air Volume

    10000 ft3

    Ozone emission

    BDL (Meets the requirement of US EPA)

    Body Shell

    Dielectric material


    Wall Mount

    Product Weight (Net/ Gross)

    5.8 Kg / 7.0 Kg

    Life cycle

    5-7 years


    1 Year

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