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Reflection Reception Table | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio is pleased to present REFLECTION – The reception table range to you all.

Godrej Interio Refection - Reception Table comes with a lot of thought put into its design and uniformity of features across all its variants.

The colour scheme is also selected to gel with most of the trending interior themes.

The reception of your office is a reflection of what your organisation stands for. If your reception looks contemporary, premium, professional and organised, the same is attributed to the rest of your organisation as well. That's why we have designed the perfect product that’ll make your reception the shining star of your office space — The Reflection Reception Desk.

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Inclusive Design For Visitor Comfort

The two levels of the table space enable seamless interaction with standing visitors, and with those with special needs.

A Biophilic Colour Scheme

The Reflection reception table comes with a biophilic colour scheme that mirrors natural

materials, making your office space feel more timeless and classy.

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