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Redesigning Furniture & Workspace during COVID19 | Godrej Interio

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

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Godrej Interio has now developed Workspaces and Furniture Designs which will prove to be beneficial in the post Coronavirus Era.

In the coming few months, the motive will to have a "6 Feet Office" i.e. maintain a minimum of 6 Feet from co workers.

Types of System launched by Godrej Interio

1. Desk Based System : Retrofit Enclosure

2. Add – On Screens : Retrofit Solutions on Existing Screens

3. Add – On Screens : Retrofit Solutions on Existing Wish /Spacio Panels

4. Place-on Shield : For Workstations and other areas

5. Haven : Mobile screens for breakout zones / Aisle

6. Replaceable covers : Removable Chair Fabric cover

7. Portable shield : Place-on screens for manager/team lead tables & Meeting Rooms

8. Café Screens : Place-on screens for café seating