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Perfect Fry Company - Automated Bench Top Fryers | Celfrost

Middleby Celfrost India presents one of the best Automated Bench Top Fryers

  1. PFC 5700

  2. PFA 7200

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PFC 5700

The PFC 5700 is a compact unit that is easy to use and maintain - making it ideal for most sites. It comes with its own inbuilt air filtering device which means there are no smells and you don’t need an external venting or exhaust system. It is a fully enclosed unit which means it is safe for all staff to use. The automated unit cooks approximately 1kg of product per cycle producing a large output over a short period of time. The modular design also means it is simple to clean.

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A simple 3 step process whereby you place the food in the basket and put the basket inside the unit. Then select either the pre-set button for the food you’re cooking or proceed manually like you would with a microwave. The basket automatically lowers into the oil, cooks and when it’s completed lifts and beeps to indicate the process has finished.

Frying time is generally 2 to 6 minutes for most products.

PFA 7200

The PFA 7200 is a more automated unit with greater output than the PFC 5700 and is ideal for larger turn over sites. Also an enclosed unit with no external venting or exhaust system