MODULUS XL V2 Sofa Upgrade | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio presents some upgradation in existing Modulus XL Modular Sofa

Modular Seating unit which can be customized as per the requirement

We have received feedback from most of the customers during user validation that the seating units of Modulus XL needs to be modified. Taking this feedback, we have modified the sofa and relaunching as Modulus XL V2 with many upgradations . In this new variant, we have made the following change to enhance the aesthetic and comfort . The product is now sleeker and smarter with improved fit and finish.

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Changes incorporated.

  1. Buttons are eliminated from the lumber support for clean looks

  2. Upgraded the corner seating unit. Wrinkles are eliminated which gives a sleeker and smarter look

  3. Additional filler is added to lumbar support which increases the fluffiness of the sofa

  4. Upgrade the seat design which is rounder at edges with waterfall

  5. Stitching lines are also improved as exact symmetry in parting line of the seat and back is maintained

  6. Added two new vibrant shades – Tan and Blue in micro fiber in addition to existing shade Garnet shale and Navy shale