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Mobistack Smarto | Godrej Storage Solutions

Godrej Storage Solutions presents Mobistack Smarto

At Godrej Storage Solutions, the idea behind every innovation is to make our client’s operations easy and effortless. Godrej Mobistack Smarto is a smart space-saving storage system that can be operated with a click of a button! You can secure the system with password to offer controlled access to the aisles. The system is designed to withstand rugged operations which makes it maintenance free and long-lasting.

Features :

  • High volumetric utilization

  • Wide range of accessories for irregular shaped SKUs

  • Password controlled aisle access

  • Modular design Suitable for easy reconfiguration

  • Suitable for easy temperature-controlled Environment

Ideal for :

  • Light Engineering good storage

  • Packing Material Storage

  • Carton Storage

  • Sample Storage

  • Bulk Record Storage

  • Spare Part Storage

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