Middleby Celfrost Dishwashers

Middleby Celfrost India Presents the following Dishwashers :

Glass Washer : B 20

Undercounter Dishwasher : B 30

Hood Type Dishwasher : B 50

Rack Type Dishwasher : ATR 1800

Dishwashers produced by Europe's premier dishwasher manufacturer. Use of modern technology and an ISO 9001 certified system ensure reliability, safety, hygiene and a perfect wash for your tableware. A complete range of Glasswashers, Undercounter Dishwashers, Hood Type Dishwashers and Rack Conveyor Dishwashers is now available in India….backed by reliable service support from Celfrost. Keep your tableware looking new, for years!

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Glass Washer : B 20

Ideal for coffee shops and pubs that require an effective solution to clean large

amounts of glasses and cups. Up to 30 baskets in 1 hour! Sturdiness and reliability without compromise thanks to Celfrost high quality standards. Simple and easy to use features to avoid operational mistakes and minimize maintenance costs.

• 100% Stainless steel structure in AISI 304. Best robustness and long life of the equipment guaranteed.

• Double-skinned door with insulation for energy efficiency and operating comfort.

• Stainless steel washing arms to provide best in class durability and consistent cleaning overtime. Washing performance will be constant in the years and so the water pressure on the glasses.

• Standard stainless steel filter. Differently than the plastic filters commonly used, it is not to be changed because it's not subject to wear.

• Standard equipped with built-in rinse aid dispenser and temperature alarm for the best drying results.

• Built-in connection for a quick installation of the detergent dispenser.

• Two baskets for glasses included.

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Undercounter Dishwasher : B 30