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Middleby Celfrost India presents Houno Combi Ovens.

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Every day, every week, more and more chefs are choosing HOUNÖ combi ovens and bakeoff ovens. User friendliness, Know-how, product quality, innovation, elegant and functional design make HOUNÖ your first-class alternative to any other massproduced oven. Poaching Frying & pan-Frying, Baking, roasting, grilling - we have the widest range of combi ovens for any requirement in your kitchen. From baking bread to roasting chicken and steaming vegetables in fresh brilliant colours. There's virtually no limit to its capabilities. Houono Visual Cooking oven is an experience. Visual Cooking meets the needs of quick ser vice restaurants, full service restaurants as well as high-capacity kitchens. Made in Denmark - Best In class with 4 years warranty