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Transpose Convertible Sofa cum Bed - Godrej Interio

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

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Optimum Space Utilization :

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Real Life Image :


Width - 1946 mm

Depth in sofa condition (±10mm) - 1078 mm

Depth in Bed condition (±10mm) - 2148 mm

Height - 2312 mm without levelers

Seat Height (±10mm) - 420 mm

Seat Width (±10mm) - 1610 mm

Seat depth with cushion placed at back (±10mm) - 420 mm

Mattress frame height from ground without mattress (±10mm)- 510 mm

Armrest height from ground (±10mm) - 630 mm

Mattress panel dimensions -1590 x 2137

Recommended Mattress Size - 78"x 60"x6" Max (one-piece)

Recommended Mattress Weight - 23 to 30 kg

Recommended Mattresses:

Ortho Regular/Ortho Plus (78 x 60 x 4), Accupadic Mat (78 x 60 x 5/6), Spinefine (78 x 60 x 5), Elegenza (78 x 60 x 6), D-Plus (78 x 60 x 5/6) or equivalent



1.The bed vertical structure is made of combination of 25mm & 18mm E1 grade Prelaminated Particle Board, The main load bearing panels are made in 25 mm while rest of the panels are 18 mm.

2.The mattress frame is made of MS tube of 50x25x1.6 mm. The complete frame is fixed with 18mm Prelaminated Particle Board front panel. The mattress frame has wooden slats for resting the mattress

3.The mattress frame has a provision for fixing the Nylon belt type Mattress arrester and a rear metal stopper to retained the mattress on the bedstead in closed position

4.The mattress frame is mounted on an openable mechanism which opens up in horizontal position for usage as bed and can be closed in vertical position when not in use.

5.An 8.0 mm thick MS leg is provided to support the mattress frame in horizontal bed position. The same is to be used to open the mechanism and convert it into the bed


1.The under storage below sofa seat is made of combination of 18 & 9 mm thick E1 Grade Prelaminated Particle Board panels. The sofa seat structure is made of Pinewood sections of 34 x 64 mm. Zigzag spring of dia. 3.8 mm is mounted on the seat structure for support and additional cushioning

2.Non woven fabric is stapled on the seat structure frame above the spring assembly to avoid direct contact between the metal spring and seat foam. This prevents seat foam from tearing

3.Powder coated MS support pipe is fixed with the wooden seat frame to give the additional strength to the structure

4.The armrest structure is made of combination of plywood & pinewood members. Plywood is 12±1mm thick & pinewood are of cross section 16x35mm

5.Seat Foam - The sofa seat is made of PU foam with density 28kg/m3 with a top layer of super-soft PU foam with density 32 kg/m3. The seat front is also foamed with a super-soft PU foam with 32 kg/m3

6.Armrest Foam - The armrest is made of PU foam with density 28kg/m3 from top, sides and front

7.The Back cushions on the sofa are filled with the Recron

8.Upholstery - The seat and armrest upholstery is made of plain polyester fabric, while the back cushions are upholstered with combination of Plain and jacquard fabric.

9.The seat is openable and is fitted with lift up mechanism to access the under-storage


All the 18 and 25 mm thick Prelaminated Particle Board panels are provided with 2 mm thick PVC lipping

Bed and sofa Lift up is made of MS and provided with gas lift and spring

KD fitting and dowels are of Hettich, Levelers to the bed are Ebco make

CONSTRUCTION: Knock Down construction. The assembled bed needs to fixed with the wall


All prelaminated particle board panels of bed structure are in Brown wood grains with matching lipping

The storage below the sofa seat is solid Grey color with matching lipping

The complete sofa is upholstered in combination of plain and Jacquard fabric

All the Metal components and frames are powder coated


OVERALL SIZE: Width - 900 mm x Depth - 378 mm x Height - 2312 mm


All the carcass panels are made of 18 mm thick E1 grade prelaminated particle board

The 6 doors are made of 18mm Prelaminated Particle Board, fitted with hinges and push to open fittings