Godrej Hand Held Metal Detector G Scan HZ10

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Today, managing security is one of the primary challenges for large spaces like institutions, organisations and recreational complexes. Considering the influx of people at these places, foolproof security is difficult to attain. Hence, such crowded spaces need a security tool that can efficiently lead the security bandwagon.

To address this concern effectively, Godrej Security Solutions brings you the GSCAN HZ10 - a new age hand held metal detector which can detect even the smallest metal element in seconds.

GSCAN HZ10’s extreme sensitivity enables it to easily identify jewellery, electronic & computer components, tools etc., making it a highly reliable anti-theft tool. Its user adjustable sensitivity renders it flexible and versatile, making it adaptive to any kind of

environment while providing optimum efficiency.

GSCAN HZ10's non-intrusive and hands-off search approach, maintains minimal physical contact with the subject while frisking. Thus ensuring a smooth and comfortable security check. Its aesthetic light-weight design with a comfortable grip reduces the

fatigue caused to operators; its high sensitivity, large screening area and fast detection circuitry defines its accuracy.

Put together, all these features make GSCAN HZ10 a convenient and efficient solution for your security needs.