Chrysalis Nova Activ Hospital Bed with Lateral Tilt | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio Healthcare is pleased to introduce its new variant of Chrysalis Nova SeriesChrysalis Nova Activ Lateral Tilt

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The Intelligent technology of this bed aids in the overall positioning of the bed, facilitates Lateral Tilt function at the press of a button, and has several easy to use features to ensure patient safety and comfort at all times. It is a Fully Motorized ICU Bed.

Chrysalis Nova Activ is the most technologically advanced healthcare bed in our product portfolio with key features such as:

·Lateral Tilt Syste

·Weight Assist

·Intelligent Safety Features

·Attendant Control Touch Panel

·Digital Angle Indicator

·Fall Prevention Side boards

·6 Embedded Control Panel & many more

Chrysalis Nova Activ, a premium version of Chrysalis is a range of fully motorized ICCU beds which is designed for highest degree of care for patients in the spectrum of Intensive Care to Post-Operative Care featuring Lateral Tilt. It is designed with Intelligent Sense features to create a Healing Environment for the patient with a special focus on Safety of the patient and Caregiver efficiency.

Providing care for immobile patients is challenging for the nurse as well as the patient himself. Chrysalis Nova Activ with its Lateral Tilt Feature, helps the caregiver to turn/move the patient with minimal effort thereby reducing physical effort and time. Benefits for the patient include – increased safety, hygiene and comfort.

Measuring Body weight of critically ill patients is challenging for the nurse/doctor. Chrysalis Nova Activ also features a Weight Assist System, helps the caregiver to weigh critically ill patients effectively and accurately (up to 100g). The weight measurement can be done effectively without moving the patient.