Celfrost Multideck Chillers Showcase Coolers & Island Freezers for Food Retail

Middleby Celfrost India presents the following with applications in Food Retail :

  • Plug in Multideck Chillers : HTS 1000 / HTS 1500

  • Plug in Slim Multideck Chillers : HTS 500

  • Showcase Freezers : NFG-450 / NFG-1000A

  • Island Freezers / Coolers : IL-450 / IL-660

  • Multideck Chillers with Remote Condensing : RMD-180 / RMD-250

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Creatively blending the science of ‘cooling’ into warm and inviting stores, Celfrost brings to India advanced merchandising solutions that help you enhance your sales and profits by showcasing food at its very best. Innovative cooling options suitable for large hypermarkets,

as well as smaller super-marts, relevant not only to modern day air-conditioned stores, but also for the more rugged ambient conditions in India. Leading brands like Foodworld, Spencers, Trinethra, Foodland Fresh, Spinach, Big Apple, Namdhari Fresh, Varkey's, 6 Ten and SRS Value Bazar are just some of the names in our growing list of satisfied customers in India.

Plug in Multideck Chillers : HTS 1000 / HTS 1500