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Arcade Sofa | Godrej Interio

Updated: May 14, 2022

Godrej Interio Introduces Arcade L shaped sofa - Inhouse designed and manufactured sofa with 3 years warranty along with Pillar and Cubo Ottoman

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Introducing L shaped sofa - Arcade which is a modern day sofa with integrated coffee table with storage at both side. Elegant design details that lifts the overall expression and together with soft comfort, this sofa becomes a favorite relaxing spot and because of its pleasing aesthetic appeal, it also becomes the focal point of a living room. The unique feature of this sofa is the integrated coffee table at both ends with storages, which is of membrane that serves as a display surface for books, gadgets, artefacts , accessories and keeping snacks etc. Also the display storage box can be configured into 4 different ways which adds to the functionality of the coffee table. The top lid of the coffee table can be used as a tray for quick bites and drinks. The visible wood grains on the wooden components emits warmth and gives an earthly feeling to the surroundings.

Available in two variants in two different shades in fabric – Denim and Cargo respectively, this two shades gels with any décor. Demin is a vibrant warm shade which brightens up the surroundings while Cargo is a subdued shade for earthly and neutral surroundings. Also to add to customer delight, we are offering 3 years of warranty.

Configuration :

In both the sofas, there is independent LH configuration and RH configuration. The deciding factor for a layout is the corner unit and the 3 seater. The 3 seater which needs to be placed at left side of corner unit is configured as LH sofa and 3 seater which needs to be placed at right side of corner unit is configured as RH. (Refer Mktg Brief Slide No. 4). This two configurations are offered for more flexibility to place the sofa in the specified direction of the room as per the requirement.

Ottoman :

We are also introducing Pillar and Cubo ottoman that can be used for multiple activities. These products are light, mobile and can be placed at any place, be it in living room, bedroom , cosy corners for reading or relaxing at balcony - as per the requirement of the customers. Also these product serves as an additional seating units for social gatherings or additional guests. The units are simple, clean yet elegant and demurely artistic.

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The display storage box can be configured in four different ways

1. In the first type of configuration the upper lid can be used as a docking unit for plush toys ,remote etc.

2. The upper lid can be pushed back so that the user can utilise an open storage section in the front. This open storage can be used for showcasing your favorite books or to quickly grab something from inside storage area without lifting the whole lid.

3. Once the lid is lifted it provides ample storage are for your books , charging brick and even for a 13” laptop, keeping everything clean and organized.

4. The upper lid is not attached to the storage unit hence the user can remove it at anytime if the need for greater storage area kicks in.

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Firm back lumber support

The high back sofa offers firm lumbar support which facilities comfortable upright or causal seating. Cozy corner for relaxed lounging : The angular corner is inviting and provides a sense of freedom when one seats besides the corner unit. Chaise lounge: The broad seating space and longer length of the 3 seater makes it an ideal place for napping or relaxed lounging. Broad seating and backrest : The seat and back are divided into partitions. The back is divided into two by a long horizontal line along the lumbar area making the sofa appear broad while occupying a small footprint. Anti stain fabric are easy to maintain : 100% polyester Anti Stain fabric is used in lumbar and seat. Any

stains, spills or soiling should be cleaned up promptly with a neutral soap solution using a cloth in circular movements. Display storage box: Display storage box can be configured in 4 different ways depending upon the user's storage needs. Side tray: The detachable top lid of the display storage box can be used as a side tray for sofa.

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Cubo Ottoman

Pillar Ottoman

We are happy to introduce Arcade L shaped sofa in Chocolt shade as per feedback received from branches. With this introduction, we are confident the growth momentum of this sofa with surge ahead.

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