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Aeolus Neu Laboratory Fume Hood | Godrej Interio

Godrej Interio Aeolus Fume Hood has been designed keeping our existing model of Aeolus in mind there by making it a superior product when it comes to Air Flow & Containment. The product is designed to be superior when it comes to the parameters of SAFETY, ENERGY COSNERVATION & ERGONOMICS. It is designed to have the most streamlined laminar airflow.

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Advanced safety standards through attention to detail

A safe lab is an efficient, productive lab. As your researchers work with chemicals, it is important for you to provide your staff with lab spaces that are thoughtfully designed, keep contaminants in the atmosphere to the minimum and support focused and precision based work.

The Aeolus Neu Fume Hood has been conceptualized keeping people safety and health at the center design thinking. From Laminar airflow that is known to reduce turbulence within the Fume Hood, to carefully angled and positioned baffles that draw contaminants away from the operator's breathing zone to the control panel that sits on the outside -

Aeolus Neu Fume Hood is designed for a better lab experience.

Further, its ergonomic design allows researchers to work comfortably for long sessions, while its energy saving features can deliver direct and indirect savings for you.

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Engineered for highest user safety

The efficacy of a Fume Hood is defined by its capability to move the contaminants away from the sash and the operator's breathing zone; and by its ability to contain the fumes in the hood till the same are exhausted. Aeolus Neu Fume Hood delivers high performance on both of these parameters.


Smoke tests on Aeolus Neu Fume Hood show Horizontal laminar air flowin